Marketing that offers more than an impression. – Grow your customer base!

We are in an era where customer-shopping trends are constantly evolving. Be a step ahead, dare to adapt your marketing strategies, one influencer at a time!

Who we are?

The business model of Influence World is very simple

As we work in partnership with most influencers and celebrities in Quebec, it allows us always to stay informed of the latest marketing and technological trends and keep up with the growth of their vast networks. We are your key player in developing a turnkey strategy lead by influencers, adapted to your market sector. Our goal is to get results that exceed your expectations and eliminate any risk for you in the process. 

Marketing based on influence

Our approach is different from other agencies by the simple fact that we offer our first consultation without any commitment from you. This allows us to build a targeted strategy together by selecting celebrities according to your clientele and goals and, based on your offering. You will gain a direct benefit from the credibility of celebrities, reach your target audience and acquire a growing list of unparalleled customers.

“The influencer is not just a face”


The influencer is a person who knows his community well, the one who knows how to talk to them and what affects them most. It is essential to work with them to develop your marketing strategy to increase the reach and results of your campaign..

Source: Republik, “8 citations marquantes sur le marketing d’influence entendues au 2e Déjeuner des Pros, 2018”, Émilie Léevesque modified by Karine Clément

Our approach in 4 steps


Together, we will develop a well-thought-out package that will strategically compel your target customers to acquire additional services.


We will strategically select one or more influencers/celebrities who will meet the needs of your company.


The selected influencers or celebrities will come to your place and go through the experience at your site.  They will then share their experience with their community through their “stories” or “posts” via various social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook.


The members of the community can get the promotional offer by clicking on a link directly on the profile of the public figures. It will then be the turn of your new customers to come to your place and experience your services.


No upfront cost;

Complete delivery of leads Triple A;

Gain of thousands of new customers;

A direct reward of the celebrity’s credibility;

Substantial growth of your target audience;

Risk free;

Building loyalty with your new clientele.



Stand out – One influencer at a time

We live in an era where customers and their shopping trends are constantly changing. Be a step ahead, dare to adapt your marketing strategies, one influencer at a time!


Redeem and maximize the data

A list of targeted prospects is a key element to the economic growth of a business. We are committed to handing you over all the data collected during your promotion so that your company can reach new heights.


Use the vast network of celebrities for your marketing strategy!

Using the extensive network of celebrities for your marketing strengthens your brand image through the strong influence that they bring to their community. By choosing them strategically, the acquisition and loyalty of your customers will be furthermore accelerated.

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